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Fantastic team! Extremely encouraging, patient and welcoming. I have worked with the team over the last 18 months and have experienced a significant improvement in my strength and overall energy levels. I would highly recommend Vigor for anyone starting out, like me, as it feels like you have your own private gym in a nonjudgmental atmosphere. The facilities are maintained at a high level and the equipment is also of a high standard. Ryan is continually looking for and implementing improvements. They will personalise your workout and ensure it's never boring!

Shannon Hickey

After their program I had lost 8KG, my cardio and strength are at the highest level they have been in my life with visible muscle tone and definition, but more importantly my energy levels both physically and mentally have improved so much that I feel like a different person (That’s the only way I can describe it)

This has improved my well-being no end, benefiting both my family life and my work life. I am now a member and looking to the take my training to the next level. This is how Vigor’s Personal Training Program has changed my life, and it can change yours to so give it a go!

David Buck

I am an older adult male and realise the importance of keeping fit and flexible as one ages. I have now been with Vigor PT for 18 months and have found the personalised exercise regime outstanding. Staff are professional, friendly and tailor programs to meet your goals and capability. I have three sessions a week, a mixture of cardio and weights, and as my needs change the program is adjusted so I have maximum input and therefore buy in to my fitness goals. Over the years I have tried a few gyms in my endeavour to stay well through fitness VigorPT is by far the best I have come across and frankly that’s down to the staff and relationship I have developed with them which gives me the confidence that they are as bought in to my fitness goals as I am.

Adj. Professor Ken Whelan , Chief Executive